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When’s the Best Time to Get a New Roof?

When it comes time to install a new roof on your home, you’ll certainly know it. If you’re unlucky, you may experience a leak that can cause extensive secondary damage if not repaired. In those cases, you have no choice but to call a roofing contractor and get the work underway as soon as possible. However, if you’ve just noticed worn shingles, an increasing number of granules in your gutters, or realized your roofing warranty has expired, then you may be able to save money on your new roof by scheduling replacement at the perfect time.

Many residential roofing contractors in Annapolis, MD, may not tell you this, but there are times of the year when it’s more economical to reroof your home. In many areas, the late fall and early spring are primetime periods for roof repair and installation. But there are many other factors that can impact your timing on roof installation that have nothing to do with finances. Keep reading to learn how you can determine the best time to replace your residential roof.

Roof damage


Weather is always going to play a role in the timing of your roofing project given the important primary task that your roof is designed to fulfill. Because your roof protects everything in your home that’s beneath it, you obviously can’t start a roof project during periods of heavy snow or rains. There’s also a safety issue at work. Roofers can’t perform with significant snowfall on the roof or when impromptu thunderstorms create a lightning danger. Therefore, it’s best to determine the driest months in your area and begin to make plans in that timeframe. Weather will always impact the timing of roofing projects so that can shape your decision when planning a roof installation.

Peak Season

One little-known fact about the roofing industry is that it features peak seasons and off-seasons. The volume of work vary according to factors such as weather and worker availability. For example, bids are slower to come during the winter months. Whether you try to schedule your roofing project during the peak months or off months can impact the amount of time you may have to wait before work begins at your home. In many parts of the country, the busy season for roofers is in the late summer and early fall as these are typically dry months with mild weather that doesn’t skew too far to the extremes. That makes the autumn window perfect for roofing work if you’re not in a hurry to have it done. The roofing slow season is the winter or early spring when the temperatures may still be cold and there is a risk for severe weather in some corners of the country. While you may wait months for work to begin if you book your project during the busy months, it’s usually easier to get a crew on-site at your home quickly during the off-peak season. If you want a smooth, quick roofing process, the off months are the perfect time to begin the process.

Roof installation


Another consideration when it comes to determining the best time to replace your roof is pricing. Roofing companies follow the law of supply and demand. Therefore, when roof work is plentiful and contractors can take their pick from among many jobs, the prices are pushed higher. They can select the most lucrative projects and leave the average projects for other companies, who can likewise charge a higher rate since their services are in higher demand. Conversely, during the slow season, any available work is prized by roofing companies. You’re likely to get a lower price by scheduling your replacement during an off month when the homeowner has the upper hand in negotiations since roofing work is harder to come by.

If you’re planning to install a new roof on your home, give some thought to the factors mentioned above when deciding when to schedule you roofing project. To learn more about scheduling your roofing project, contact Riverside Home Services at (410) 956-3131.

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