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Top Signs You Need a New Roof

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For most homeowners, their roof goes mostly unnoticed—that is, until something goes wrong with it. Like every other part of your home, the roof has a lifespan. Though your roof may last for decades, there will come a day when you notice a few missing shingles and begin to see the signs of water damage in your attic. Regular inspections and maintenance can help to extend your roof’s lifespan—and save you some money—but a replacement may still be in your future. Read on below to discover the top signs that it is time to install a new roof.

Light Shining in the Attic

Begin your roof inspection in your attic. Head upstairs with a flashlight to check for signs of damage. Look at the beams to see if you notice any light coming through the roof. Any noticeable open space leaves your roof susceptible to leaks. Check the interior of the roofing and the walls for signs of water damage, too. Look for stains, streaks, and moisture in the insulation.

Broken or Missing Shingles

Next, head outside to check out the roof’s exterior. The shingles should all lie flat up against the roof. Curled or buckling shingles can mean that it’s time for a roof replacement. Pay close attention to the side of the roof that gets the most direct sunlight. If the shingles on that side are curling and granules are falling off, your roof has likely reached the end of its life. Missing shingles are another major sign that your roof is failing.

Damaged Shingles in the Valleys

You should also inspect the shingles in the roof valleys. The valleys are one of the most important areas of the roof since rain and snow must flow through them to reach the gutters. If shingles are damaged or missing in the valleys, your roof is particularly vulnerable to leaks. Any shingles or areas that are buckling, cracked, or damaged must be repaired. If you catch this sort of damage early enough, you may be able to avoid a full roof replacement. Talk to Annapolis roofers to get advice on the best course of action.

Granules in the Gutters

As the shingles on your roof age, they lose more and more granules. When they fall off the shingles, the granules flow into the gutters. Check your gutter system for a buildup of these granules. You can also look at the actual roof to spot areas where the granules have worn off. These areas are marked by their darker or inconsistent coloration.

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In general, roof lasts between 20 and 25 years. The exact lifespan of your roof is dependent on whether the roof has proper ventilation and whether the previous roof was removed before the new shingles were added on. If your current roof was installed over another layer of shingles and the work was completed more than 20 years ago, you will likely need a roof replacement.

Cracked Flashing

Flashing is placed around the chimneys, vents, and skylights to prevent water from entering the attic through the seams. If the flashing is cracked or broken, you may start to experience roofing leaks. To avoid this, call a roofer to check out the issue as soon as possible.

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