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Top Causes of a Sagging Roof

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home’s structure. After all, without it, everything in the house would be exposed to the elements. Therefore, it’s critical that your roof remains in top condition to prevent damage to your property or the underlying structure of your home.

One of the most commonly observed problems observed by Annapolis roofers involves sagging of the roof. Sagging is characterized by an uneven, non-flat roofing surface which can prevent water from draining properly and allow it to puddle and cause extensive leaks. If you’ve seen a noticeable sagging in your roofing surface, it’s important that you contact a roofing contractor to diagnose the issue and make the proper repairs to preserve the integrity of your roof. Keep reading to learn more about some of the top causes of a sagging roof.

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Weather and Time

Your roof is asked to endure many hardships caused by the often-extreme weather conditions it must fend off. From snow and heavy rain to blazing heat and damaging ultraviolet light, your roof takes a beating over time, which can lead it to become compromised. Over time, these weather conditions can cause shingles to crack and split, which will allow water beneath the protective surface of the roof. Once there, it can cause decking, joists, and other structural components to rot, leaving your roof with a sagging appearance.

Too Much Weight

Your roof is engineered to support the weight of the roofing materials with a margin of error for other natural occurrences, such as snowfall. However, when too much weight is heaped upon your roof surface, it can cause trouble that results in sagging. Over time, the rafters and joists that support your roof may become weakened by the stresses of excess weight. If they bend or break, the result is unsupported decking material that will sag. Excess weight can come from heavy snowfall, debris such as water-logged leaves, and puddled water. Regardless of the source of the extra weight, your roof can only stand so much before succumbing to the stress.

Joist and Rafter Problems

The joists and rafters are the beams that form the underlying support structure of your roof. If they were improperly constructed, become compromised by severe weather, or are otherwise damaged, it takes the support out from under the roofing materials above. With nothing to support the roof deck, it can begin to sag, which begins a cascade of other problems.

Poor Installation and Construction

Another common cause of a sagging roof is simply poor construction methods and the use of poor materials. If your roof wasn’t properly installed, it will fall victim to wear and tear far more quickly than a well-built roof. Also, if poor materials, such as faulty lumber or inadequate decking, were used during construction, those factors could likewise contribute to a sagging roof.

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Water Damage

The primary purpose of your roof is to protect your structure and property from water damage. However, when water manages to seep below the surface for any reasons, it can cause havoc. Water is the enemy of wood, so if water leaks through your roof and into your attic, the wood supports below will rot and degrade quickly. That means your roof surface will no longer be properly supported, which can lead to sagging.

Sinking Foundation

A sinking foundation also can cause your roof to become compromised by sagging. The roof is supported by rafters and joists, which are supported by load-bearing walls, which are in turn supported by the foundation. If the foundation shifts or sinks, that has an impact on everything else built above it. If the foundation sinks differentially, or at different rates in one spot of another, it can put tremendous stress on the roof, which can lead to sagging.

If you believe you have a sagging roof, make sure to contact local roofing contractors to diagnose the cause and formulate a solution. To learn more about the causes of roof sagging as well as potential remedies, contact Riverside Home Services LLC at (410) 956-3131 or request service.

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