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Roof Installation

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When you need a roof installation contractor to build a new roof for your home in the Annapolis, MD area, call Riverside Home Services. We are the roofing contractor who can get the job done quickly and correctly. We'll make sure your roof installation project is done up to code and with durable materials that last.

Our team of roofing contractors is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best in roofing services. Riverside Home Services is a trusted roof installation contractor in the Annapolis, Edgewater, Davidsonville, Baltimore, Severna Park, and other nearby towns. We provide quality services that our customers can depend on for all their roofing service needs.

If you are building a home addition or new construction, Riverside Home Services is the local roofing contractor to trust. We provide expert roof installation services for all types of home construction projects including room additions, home expansions, second story building, and detached structures. Call us today to tell us about the type of roof installation you need and the plans you have for your Annapolis area home.

We would be happy to schedule an appointment that works for you. Our roofing contractor will discuss your roof installation project with you, answer your questions, and provide you with a free on-site estimate.

  • Free Consultations & Estimates
  • Top-Quality Workmanship & Materials

  • Trusted Local Roofing Contractor
  • Competitive Prices

Expert Roof Installation Services

It's highly important for your roof installation to be done right. The last thing you want is a weak structure that leaks because your roofing contractor did a poor job.

The roof is an important structure that stabilizes and protects the rest of a house. Leaks make your house weak and are expensive to repair. You depend on your roof to stand strong through all types of weather. It's the first line of defense you have against storm damage, so make sure you hire an experienced roofing contractor who will get your roof installation done right.

If you choose us for your roof installation service, we'll be able to provide you with quick and efficient work without sacrificing quality. Our roof installation contractors have years of industry experience and know what they're doing. Getting a new roof built creates a lot of noise that can be hard to deal with. The last thing you need to deal with is the noise of hammers banging all day and night for several days in a row. We have the skill and the crew members to get the work done quickly, and the knowledge to get it done right.

We Install All Types of Residential Roof Systems

Our Annapolis experienced roofing contractors install all types of residential roofing systems. This is the time for you to carefully consider what type of roof installation materials you want for your home. The choice you make now will determine how soon you will need to get a roof replacement and how often you'll need roof repairs.

We understand that getting a new roof is a long-term investment for you. Even if you have a smaller budget that will only allow for standard asphalt shingles, you need your new roof to last for as long as possible. We make sure to only use quality materials from the most reputable roofing manufacturers.

Contact us today to get a free estimate. We would love to go over all the different roofing systems we offer to help you make an informed decision for your new roof.

We can help you to install all types of residential roofing systems including:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Metal Roofing
  • Spanish Clay Tile
  • Slate Roofing

  • Cedar Shake Shingles
  • Synthetic Slate
  • Synthetic Clay Tile
  • Synthetic Cedar Shingles

We Can Help You Choose Roof Installation Materials

You could save tons of money over the life of your home if you choose quality roof installation materials that are made to last a lifetime. The metal roof is great for the homes in the Annapolis are because it is a very durable roof type. However, there are other durable options like composite or synthetic slate and Spanish tile roofing systems that will hold up well.

Metal roofing is very popular in Maryland because they can withstand high winds and hail damage. They are very resistant to general weathering and are often much less expensive to repair. Spanish tile and slate roofs are highly durable. Synthetic roofing systems look like real slate and clay tile but they are much more durable.

Standard asphalt shingles will need to be replaced about every 15 years or so. However, this depends on the climate and what type of storms the roof is subjected to. Designer and architectural asphalt shingles are usually warranted for up to 25 years. Metal roofing, Spanish clay tile, and slate roofing can last well over a hundred years. How long would you like your new roof to last?

They type of roof installation materials you can choose is wide open when you hire our roofing contractors. No matter what type of roofing material you choose for your roof installation, we are happy to provide you with service.

Why Choose Us For Your Roof Installation

Whether we are providing you with a roof installation or another service, our team is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Many of our skilled roofers have years of industry experience installing specialty roofing systems in the Annapolis area. We place customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list and always strive to customize our service to meet the needs of each customer.

The mission of our roofing company is to provide you with ethical service you can trust. What this means to us is to always be honest and straightforward with our customers. It also means we don't cut corners just to save ourselves time to complete your project. We make sure our roof installation work is done up to the latest building code standards and that we use durable roofing materials.

Call Riverside Home Services if you need to hire an experienced roof installation contractor in Maryland. Our courteous and polite staff will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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If you are looking for a professional roofing contractor in the Annapolis area, then please call us today at 410-956-3131, or complete our online request form.