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Sagging Roof Lines: Should You Schedule a Roof Repair?

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If all goes well after a new roof installation, the roof on your Glen Burnie home will last for decades, and besides regular roof inspections, you won't have to see much of your roofing contractor because you won't require many roof repairs. However, several factors can contribute to the sagging of your roof line, which should remain straight. If you can a see a curve or dip in the peak of your roof when standing in your street, you should work with a roofing contractor to determine the cause of the sagging and to repair your roof.

What Causes a Sagging Roof Line?

  • Foundation Problems— The sagging of your roof line may not even be caused by your roof. Undercutting, settling and heaving, unlevelness, tree roots, and cracking of your foundation may create a sagging roof line. If your home was constructed on poor or shifting soil, then the house will settle as it ages, and the foundation may not move equally in all places. Some soils with clay expand when they become wet, causing home foundations to heave.
  • Sloppy Workmanship — Even if a home is constructed with a proper engineering design, a sagging roof line can develop if the workmanship is poor. During the framing of the home, ensuring level and secure structural components is essential. If the construction contractor is rushed or unqualified, sloppy workmanship can be detrimental to the structural integrity of the home.
  • Damaged Rafters or Trusses — Your roof can begin to sag if the rafters or trusses have become cracked or damaged by excess moisture or termites. Weakened rafters and trusses constitute a serious problem, so you should schedule a roof repair as soon as you become aware of damaged rafters.
  • Heavy Roofing Materials — If roofing materials are heavy or if a new roof was placed on top of an old one, the load may become too heavy for the structural components of the roof, causing waviness or sagging on the roof line. Before installing heavy roofing materials like tiles, consult with a roofing contractor to make sure that your home can withstand the heavy load.
  • If you've noticed that your Glen Burnie home's roof line is sagging or appears wavy, schedule roof repairs with an experienced roofing contractor like Riverside Home Services.

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