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Coxby Estates Edgewater Md

Coxby Estates Edgewater Md

This was a tear off and reshingled roof in Edgewater Md. 18 sheets of 3/4 inch plywood were used to replace some rotten sections. Lifetime boot collars on 5 different pipe collars, then used ice and water shield in the proper spots, our rhino deck underlayment, drip edge , Black/ charcoal GAF architectural shingles were used on the whole roof. Our clients goal in this project was to fix the leaks they had coming into their house. The roof was over 30 years old and was time for a new one. Clients came home to a rain storm and were very pleased to have no buckets in the living room!

Enjoy your new products and thank you for making your home a riverside home!


Coxby Estates Edgewater Md

Services Performed:


Products Used:

GAF architectural shingles


Edgewater, MD

Photos of this Coxby Estates Edgewater Md project

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