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Vinyl Siding: When Should You Schedule a Repair?

Vinyl Siding: When Should You Schedule a RepairVinyl siding is often criticized for its tendency to crack, warp, and fade quickly, but manufacturers have made improvements in its design, structure, and composition. However, even with proper installation and frequent maintenance, you will probably require siding repairs because of aging and regular wear and tear, and a reputable Davidsonville roofer can assist you with these repairs.

Contacting your roofer about vinyl siding repairs or replacement is especially important if you notice loose panels, exposed nails, water and mold stains, gaps, cracking, warping, or melting on your siding. These complications can penetrate into your home's interior, and you may spot peeling paint or wallpaper in your house.

What Can Go Wrong?

  • Moisture – Although vinyl siding is water resistant, moisture can accumulate behind the siding. This problem should be addressed quickly because excess moisture can cause leaks, rot, mold, and mildew, and you may spot peeling wallpaper and paint on your interior walls. If you experience moisture problems with your vinyl siding, contact your roofer promptly to avoid damage inside your home.
  • Cracking – Vinyl siding can crack after experiencing impact in cold weather. Untreated cracks can expand into holes, which present an opportunity for moisture to accumulate.
  • Warping – Vinyl siding may not peel or chip, but it does warp when temperatures rise. To prevent warping, avoid placing vinyl siding in areas in direct sunlight without surrounding trees or bushes, and install vinyl siding so that it can expand and contract as temperatures change.
  • Melting – You may not even consider what is melting your vinyl siding if you don't know that glass windows reflect sunlight. Because of this fact, your neighbors' windows may be damaging your vinyl siding as light bounces off of them and onto your siding. To protect vinyl siding, window screens can be installed, and trees and bushes can be placed along your home strategically.
  • Fading – Over time, siding tends to fade because of sun exposure, and vinyl siding is criticized for its premature discoloring and fading. More expensive, high-quality vinyl siding is best for homeowners who want to avoid fading and the cracking that can result.

Many Davidsonville homeowners are pleased with their vinyl siding, and they acknowledge that it requires regular upkeep to maintain its good condition. Your vinyl siding may need repairs eventually, and these should be performed by an experienced roofer like Riverside Home Services as soon as you notice problems with your siding.

If you need vinyl siding repairs, contact us today to get started on your consultation!

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