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5 Signs that Your Maryland Home Needs A Roof Replacement

roofing marylandAs a homeowner, you know how vital your roof is to the integrity of your home. After all, your roof provides protection to your entire home and everything in it. However, it can be easy to forget that your roof is not a permanent fixture on your home. Like many other parts of your home, your roof has to be maintained and eventually replaced. Because your roof can go years between repairs and even longer between replacements, it can be difficult to know if your roof simply needs some repair or if it is actually due for replacement. Such a major undertaking is not to be taken lightly, so it's always best to know what signs to look for to determine if it is time for your home's roof replacement. At Riverside Home Services, we understand the importance of protecting your home from water leaks and other damage. Our roofing experts can assist you with any roofing repairs or even a major roof replacement to ensure the integrity of your property. If your Maryland roof has any of the following signs, it may be time to contact our team of roofing contractor professionals to plan your roof replacement.

Curled Shingles

The asphalt shingles on your roof should lie flat, with no curl at the edges. If the edges start to curl up, your roof will not be able to properly withstand water and wind and other outside elements. Shingles can curl for a number of reasons, from age to a poorly ventilated attic. Regardless of the reason, an abundance of shingles with curling edges is never a good sign. Curling shingles are an indication that your roof has reached the end of its useful lifespan, so you will need to have your roof replaced as soon as possible.

Bald Spots

When you look at your roof, all your shingles should be uniform in color and texture. If some of your shingles appear to be bare or spotted, that might mean you have bald spots on your shingles. Bald spots occur when the protective granules on your shingles have been worn away over time by the elements or foot traffic. If you see bald spots developing on your roof, your roof may be compromised and even possibly in danger of developing leaks. Alternatively, if you do not see any bald spots but your roof looks worn down, you can check where your gutters wash out for evidence that your roof is shedding its protective granules. If you see granules accumulating there or in the gutters themselves, you may be due for a roof replacement.

Cracked or Splitting Shingles

Shingles expand and contract over time due to temperature, weather fluctuations, and sun exposure. Unfortunately, over time this can compromise the quality of your roof as shingles eventually degrade and become cracked or even completely split. Once you identify cracked or split shingles on your home, you may need to have your roof assessed to determine whether it needs repairs or complete replacement.


A major sign of trouble with your roof is water leaking in your home. If you have water leaking from your ceiling, there is a good chance that your roof has a major problem that needs immediate attention. However, sometimes the leak will not be that obvious. Periodically check your attic for signs of water leaks by looking for signs of water and feeling to see if your insulation is damp. If you suspect that you have a leak in your Maryland roof, contact our home improvement team today for expert assistance with diagnostics. Our friendly, knowledgeable team of roofing contractor professionals will be able to help you determine whether you need repairs or a complete roof replacement.

Age of Roof

Most standard roofs have an expected lifespan of anywhere from 15-25 years. The actual lifespan of your own roof will be based on several factors, such as the roofing materials used, how well it was installed, your maintenance routines, and what amount of sunlight and/or organic matter your roof has been exposed to on a daily basis. Regardless, if your roof is 15 years old or older, it is time to start looking for the signs of wear and tear that will indicate that you need a new roof. If you are unsure whether you need a Maryland roof replacement, but your roof is 15 or more years old, Riverside Home Services can help you with our expert roof inspection services as well.

If you suspect that your Maryland home is due for a roof replacement, contact us today to get started on your consultation!

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