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Winterizing The Roof Checklist For Annapolis Homes

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It won't be long until winter hits the Annapolis, MD area with full force. Although this time of year is busy because of the approaching holiday season, winterizing your Annapolis roof will save you a load of trouble. The last thing you want is a weak roof that can't take the stress of a heavy load of snow.

There are certain things you can do now to winterize your roof to make sure it will stand strong all season. As an Annapolis homeowner, you know that maintenance has to be done – like or not. You might as well jot down these roof winterizing tasks and get started on the to-do checklist.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection Done

One of the easiest ways to be sure your roof is going to stand strong all winter is to get a professional roof inspection done. A certified Annapolis roof inspector, like ours at Riverside Home Services, will test the structural strength of your roof and tell you what type of repairs you may need.

Your roof should be able to withstand a heavy snow load. You'll also find out about any potential leaking problems that you can get repaired before winter arrives in full force.

If you decide to do your own roof inspection:

  • Inspect your roof from the ground, looking for bulging, sagging, and wood rotting
  • Inspect the gutters for sagging areas and loose connections
  • Inspect the shingles up close for looseness, buckling, curling, hairline cracks, and dents
  • Inspect the attic crawlspace closely for wet insulation, rotting, and leak damage
  • Inspect the flashing around all roof projections, including the chimney, for sealant damage

Clear Your Roof of All Debris

The first item on your roof winterizing checklist should be to clear all the debris off your roof. The worst thing you could do to your roof is to let dead branches and leaves sit on it before winter sets in. Why? That rotting organic debris will cause roof damage.

The piles of rotting twigs, bark, and other organic matter get wet. The debris accumulates in the valleys of your roof. It gets stuck around the chimney and next to the plumbing vents that project through your roof. These are the most vulnerable areas of your roof that you want to protect from damage.

Truly, our Annapolis roofing contractors can tell you that leaks usually start in these areas first. Don't let another month go by without clearing all the debris off your roof.

Clean Your Gutters Out

The next thing you want to do on your roof winterizing checklist is clean out the gutters. Why? Because clogged gutters don't work. Gutters are supposed to route the rainwater and melting snow away from your roof and your house. When leaves and twigs get stuck inside, water will pool in the gutters at the roof line.

Protect your roof from any possible damage by cleaning the gutters out before our Annapolis winter sets in. Don't wait another day to do this roof maintenance chore, winter's coming fast!

Make Sure You Don't Have Missing Attic Insulation Near The Roof Edges

Have you ever seen a roof with an ice dam? This is a high ridge of ice that forms along the lower part of a roof and develops into icicles that hang off the roof edge. Maybe your roof already gets ice dams?

To avoid ice dams this winter, you need to be sure you don't have any missing attic insulation near the roof edges. You'll have to get up in the attic and inspect the insulation on the exterior walls of the crawl space. There shouldn't be any missing insulation. If there is, more should be added.

Ice dams can ruin your roof. This is one of the most destructive problems that you want to avoid at all costs. Make sure you add inspecting the attic insulation to your roof winterizing checklist.

Take Care of Any Necessary Roof Repairs

Getting the roof repairs done now will save you a lot of trouble over the holiday season. If you take care of any necessary roof repairs and the other tasks we recommend to winterize your roof, you won't have any problems to worry about this holiday season in Annapolis.

Don't get stuck on Thanksgiving or Christmas day with an emergency roof leak situation! Finding an Annapolis roofing contractor who's ready and able to come to your rescue isn't easy. Get that roof inspection done now and then handle the roof repairs, so you'll be all set during the enjoy the coming holiday season.

If you are looking for a professional roofing contractor in the Annapolis area, then please call us today at 410-956-3131, or complete our online request form.